At Kevin Bills Photography we are excited to be using the latest technology in aerial photography.

We now own a sophisticated, purpose built machine built for these requirements. Our drone offers some unique points of difference in the following ways:

  • Kevin and Alistair are qualified to fly and operate the Drone under all CAA rules and regulations
  • The Drone is legally set to a 120m (400ft) maximum flying height; however if we need to go higher a permit is required under CAA regulations
  • We see what the camera sees from ground level
  • A high spec camera is attached to a 6 engine air frame
  • The Drone has a safety recovery parachute system on board
  • It has auto hover and auto pilot modes and will auto return and land for added safety
  • We will only operate the drone once we have clearance from the control tower from our local airport
  • We will only fly in the correct weather conditions and fly from a coned off safety area