Aerial and Drone

Kevin Bills Media fly and operate under all CAA rules and regulations and are Part 101 & 102 certificated.

We use the latest UAVS to take your advertising or promotional photography & video to another level with a unique point of difference. Perfect for residential, commercial & industrial marketing, construction site progress overviews, agricultural & large-scale farmland, special events and large group photography.

Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can elevate your photography & video advertising or marketing using drone.

*We can only fly in the correct weather conditions so prefer a minimum of 3 days to log flights.

  • Mangahao-Road-Drone-10-scaled-min
  • 1-DJI_0006-scaled-min
  • KBMR0061-scaled-min
  • KBM_9850-scaled-min
  • KB_DJI_0012-36C-Palmer-Road-No-Logo-7-scaled-min
  • KB_DJI_0011-scaled-min
  • Foxton-Holiday-Park_DJI_0014-scaled-min
  • Flat-Hills-Cafe_0022-scaled-min
  • DJI_0070-scaled-min
  • DJI_0052-Primary-Connect-scaled-min
  • DJI_0048-scaled-min
  • DJI_0025-scaled-min
  • DJI_0017-scaled-min
  • 36C-Palmer-Road-No-Logo-9-scaled-min
  • DJI_0002-HFHL-scaled-min
  • DJI_0002-scaled-min
  • DJI_0014-scaled-min